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PERCEPTIVE Profile Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1995 with its core business specializing in PVC products. PERCEPTIVE was founded by, Mr. Cheah Choong Yueh, our ever present MD, who has extensive experience in PVC production. Mr. Cheah's CV includes development, customer technical service, planning, and the day to day responsibility of running the company.

Since our humble beginning we have grown steadily but surely into one of the leading manufacturer in the regional market for this trade. With persistence to provide high quality products, reliability and efficient customer services, PERCEPTIVE has established prominence in meeting customers need.

PERCEPTIVE is involved in the manufacturing of PVC products, such as extrusion of PVC Furniture Profiles and Edgings (Furniture Strip) mainly for Furniture industry, PVC soft, rigid profile and PVC Compound that is normally used as an input material for production by plastic product manufacturers.


In 2005, we successfully developed another new product namely ABWOOD, which is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable for outdoor application, such as decking, flooring, sun lounger, lattice, planter box etc, to reduce dependency on natural wood while preserving our natural ecology.

In April 2002, PERCEPTIVE achieved the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. We are very committed to improve the Management System in our company which will spurt further growth and improvement of sales, quality and company performance.

We take pride in maintaining the reputation that we have built over the years and as a matter of fact, our R & D department is constantly upgrading and developing new ideas for the ever growing and demanding industry to produce new and revolutionary ideas and also to cater for customers from all market niches.

In the future, we hoped to be able to provide better and affordable products to people from all walks for life without compromising our service and quality. We believe with continuous support from everyone, this would be a reality.









Corporate Mission
Our Production
Our Technology

We emphasize on developing innovative/modern designs
as requested by our customers and to pursue and achieve
total value quality products.

We continuously strive to meet our customer's
satisfaction domestically and internationally.

PERCEPTIVE has a modest beginning with 4
production lines and initial production capacity of
100,000 linear meters of PVC profiles per month.
In 1995, we firmly entrenched
ourselves in the forefront of the PVC industry, establishing prominence both at home and abroad for our expertise,
With determination and eagerness to develop
further expansion, we have been upgrading our machinery through the years.
Today, with consistent growth, PERCEPTIVE's
total output solely for Edge banding stripe has reached
more than 1,500,000 linear meter per month.

To produce high standard of quality products on a large
scale of production capacity, availability of modern
technology is a must. The speed of technology transfer is
important for Perceptive to increase Its market share in
the PVC edging and Profile industry. Presently, Perceptive
uses the latest machinery and technology from Italy
to produce its PVC edging, T profile and ABWOOD Profile.
The great variety of sizes, designs and colours
available from our tooling, printing and embossing rollers,
and our own colour- laboratory allows us to cater and
facilitate our clients request, for customized profiles.
The State of Art technology permits us to manufacture
virtually any type of edgings , while meeting clients's
requirement and satisfaction. This new technology helps
to enhance output capacity as well as to produce
excellent quality product in meeting demands
both locally and internationally.

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