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Introduction of ABWOOD, manufactured by Perceptive Profile Sdn.Bhd.  

Perceptive Profile is the leading player in the WPC market in Malaysia .
For your information, ABWOOD is our brand name for Wood Plastic Composite material. The material consists of 70% saw dust (1 st stage of saw mill's output; thats free from any chemical treatment) & 30% of virgin polymer (such as PE or PP or PVC).



The process begins by melting virgin polymer at a temperature of 200 Celcius and then acting as bonding agent to combine with wood saw dust, including some colour pigment & additives. It is free from preservative wood treatment and formaldehyde. Thus, this material is safe to use.

The application:
Decking, hand rail, fence, louver, door, pergola, gazebo, garden furniture, playground equipment, roofing material etc.

The benefit:

  • 100% Water resistance
  • 100% Anti C termites
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Wood looking appearance, feels like wood, but only better performance

(Product specification--- Agro-bio based wood composite with water & termite resistant. Finished with thermal set, wood texture surface & homogenous colour pigmentation .) 

Any chances of you taking that interest any further? Please let us have any drawings or plans and let's see what we can do for you! You will be impressed with our products and the benefits they provide.


Benefits- all users
Besides material benefits to users, other benefits that may interest middle stage of users/ merchandiser to consider using ABWOOD as a substitute to existing conventional material especially wood;

1) Advantages to project owner/corporate:
•  Corporate image, green material utilizes.
•  Providing less-maintenance building material
•  Increase public awareness to recycling activities, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reputation increases.
•  More Stable costing by contractor because ABWOOD prices are easier to be managed by mass production technology
   from plastic industry.
•  More comfortable to undertake warranty issue. (Direct to manufacturer)

2) Advantages to contractor:
•  Better controlled cost due to pre-fabrication, pre-cut thus wastage is minimized.
•  Labour is less required due to semi-finished and pre-fabricated building part is supplied.
•  Less or very minimum level of surfacing work after construction/installation completed.
•  Shorter construction time due to semi-finished component.
•  More standardized quality control. (All ABWOOD profiles are using same extrusion method and control by Perceptive
    Profiles SDN BHD.)
•  Easy Maintenance and repair in future, due to pre-fabricate system, component of each member is interchangeable.
•  More confidence to log in price when tendering new contract.
•  Eliminate disposal issues, because all remaining and waste can be recycled.

3) Advantages to consumers:
•  Low long term maintenance work and cost.
•  More time for leisure activities rather than up-keep work such as painting, varnishing and repairing work.
•  Less injury due to timber cracking, loose nailing that leads to deformation.
•  More daily participation in eco-friendly product that may help in sustaining environment for future generation.
•  In case of accidental damage to ABWOOD products, most of the members (profiles) can be replaced separately as a    result of pre-fabricate system that saves valuable time and effort.


MD, Perceptive Profile Sdn Bhd
Mr.Cheah Choong Yueh



ABWOOD Granules:

~ Hybrid material made of natural organic fiber / renewable biomass (such as saw dust, rice husk, kenaf, oil palm fiber and coconut fibers) incorporates with polymer (such as PE, PVC and PP) which is 100% recyclable.

~ Through Plastic Innovated Advanced Technology, ABWOOD Granules will then be converted into innovative solid or hollow ABWOOD Profiles.



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